Jedox Widgets

One of my favourite features in Jedox Web are widgets. Widgets are an option to integrate Third party web services and functionality easily in your report.

The start is very easy:

Just Create a new workbook and choose Tools>Widgets>Custom Widget:

Now you can either point to a URL or copy and paste the Widget code into the Widget dialog box:

Initially there is no need to worry about the specfics of widget code approach as a wide variety of widgets are available on the internet that can be easily integrated.

For example to integrate a youtube video that can complements your Jedox dashboard just go to YouTube search for your video and click on “Share” and following that “Embed”:

After that you can copy the Widget Code from here:

If required you can specify further options like size and other widget details.

Just go back to your widget and paste the code in the “HTML” content option:

After that just view your report with the new widget in User Mode and you will see the YouTube video with all interaction options directly integrated in your report:

In an upcoming blog I will describe how to exchange report content with the widget so that it automatically adapts based on a chosen dimension element. For example showing share prices for a selected company.  A feature that Managility has recently realised for a client project: