In this post we are covering how the new Microsoft Flow can be used to insert data from Twitter with sentiment analysis into a Power BI streaming dataset.

Create streaming dataset in PowerBI:

Go to -> Then “Streaming dataset” –> Create streaming datas

Now we will create a dataset type of API.

Name the dataset –> Then add the following values:

Time ——DateTime.



Sentiment values will be numbers in 0,1 (with 0 being negative and 1 positive).

Create flow to push data from twitter to PowerBI:

Go to –>–> My Flow–>Create from blank.

Enter your flow name and title and on the screen below Click on twitter category

Then select new step–> Add an action –>search by “Sentiment” word and select “Text Analysis – Detect Sentiment”

Example: select tweet text to be your text that will be analysed with text analytics – Detect Sentiment

In the last step we are going to push the data into a PowerBI Streaming dataset.

Click on new step –>Add an action–> select PowerBI–> Then click on PowerBI – Add rows to a dataset.

Then select your workspace, dataset, and table

Then select the following:

time: created at

Tweet: Tweet Text

Sentiment: Score

Then select create the flow.

Now the data is inserting directly to your streaming dataset.

Let’s see how to use that in a dashboard:

Go to PowerBI, dashboard then click on add tile.

Click on tile –> Then select “Custom Streaming Data” –> select your streaming dataset–>select your visual type ie: Line Chart –> Then add time as Axis, Tweet as Legend, and Sentiment as Values

Or you can use build direct report from your streaming data set.

Go to streaming data set–> click on create report.